Here are a selection of interactive resources and games
that aim to introduce you to different aspects of Cyber Security.



Defend several office buildings against a cyber attack.

Xmas Cipher

Solve the cipher related Xmas crossword.


Cyber City

Complete a series of cyber security related tasks in this Cyber City.

Intro to Centurion

Resolve security issues on a simulated desktop computer environment.


Introduction To Malware

Run a simulated demonstration of three types of malware.

Network Topologies

In this game you learn about various types of networks, their advantages and disadvantages, and create network diagrams.


Computer Misuse Act Minigame

In this game you will take the role of a Judge and interrogate defendants about their actions to determine if they have broken any laws as set out in the Computer Misuse Act

Firewall Introduction

In this activity you will learn how a simple firewall operates, taking on the role of a firewall, inspecting network traffic and deciding what should be allowed or denied.


Elementary Problem

In this game you will need to use a simple substitution cipher to determine the question behind the coded information and provide an answer.

Volatile Situations

This game emulates the process of using a piece of software called Volatility to analyse a memory dump and find evidence of malware.


cyber security Wordsearch

A timed wordsearch containing various cyber security terms.

cyber security Crossword

A timed crossword made up of several cyber security terms.


Network ports

This game teaches about network ports and port numbers, and asks the player to filter packets to the correct applications.

Password Strength Meter

This game describes how password strength is measured by automated web forms and how to make a strong password.



Solve a series of challenges based around codebreaking, set in the historic Bletchley Park.


Code Crackers

Try our tough Cipher Challenge now!

Data leak

Solve the mystery of a data leak at a technology company with the help of various staff members.